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arad museum of art
interactive museum installation

The immersive space was developed inside the gallery of the Arad Museum of Art and is dedicated to one of Theodor Aman’s paintings – “Oxcart in the Landscape” (1878).
The Arad installation reveals layers of Theodor Aman's painting or reinterprets it with the audience's help by interacting with the digital content. The installation is composed of two projection surfaces that viewers can interact with one on the wall, and the other on the floor. This ensures an immersive experience that contemporarily deepens and enriches the audience's perception.
A network of connections from Aman’s paints grows to form a dense swirling point cloud that flows onto the room’s floor into an interactive river of colors.

Creative & Art Direction: Ovidiu Eftimie/ HyperFlow StudioMihaela Kavdanska/ KOTKI visuals
Concept & Interaction Design: Ovidiu Eftimie/ HyperFlow Studio Mihaela Kavdanska/ KOTKI visuals Florian Weinrich
Motion graphics & 3D animation: Ovidiu Eftimie/ HyperFlow Studio
Generative Animation: Florian Weinrich
Interactive coding & development: Florian Weinrich
Technical configuration: Ovidiu Eftimie Florian Weinrich
Technical implementation: Ovidiu Eftimie Florian Weinrich Rudi Veres
Thanks to: Nita Mocanu Catalin Oancea Ovidiu Văduva / Tehnica Vizuala Arad Calin Bradean


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